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Newborns skin conditions

A baby's skin is much thinner and fragile than an adult's and needs to be specially cared for.

Our skincare line has been designed for all skin types particularly newborns skin conditions which include desquamation, cradle cap and infant excema.


Desquamation, or skin peeling, is something that affects most babies in the first few days of life. How to treat it: Apply a moisturizer to the skin.​

Cradle cap

This is a crusty greasy scalp rash that commonly occurs in the newborn and slightly older babies. It happens when there is a build-up of sebum (an oily substance produced by glands in the skin) that, in turn, makes skin cells stick together instead of shedding normally. It can occur on the scalp alone or with a diaper, neck, or underarm rash. How to treat it: Apply a massage oil or a nourishing body lotion to loosen the crusts. 

Infant Eczema / atopic dermatitis

Eczema doesn't look the same on every baby. In babies with light skin, it usually shows up as patches of red skin. In darker-skinned babies, the rash might look purplish, brownish, or grayish. These patches are almost always dry, itchy, and rough.

Most often, it affects their cheeks and the joints of their arms and legs.

Causes: Problems in the skin barrier, allowing moisture out and germs in. 

How to treat it: Apply a prebiotic skincare to help strengthen the skin’s barrier function.

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